Press Release | 2020-05-05

Silent Eight Launches On-Demand Cloud-Based AI to Meet Growing KYC Needs in Midst of Pandemic

New York, New York: Silent Eight today announced the immediate availability of their alert solving AI as a cloud based, on-demand service.  The AI is traditionally custom built for large banks to solve name and entity alerts; but now, for the first time, is available to a broader market as a means of supporting alert solving during the COVID-19 pandemic. The custom AI is configurable in as few as two (2) weeks and offers a new way for banks and other financial institutions to solve alerts.

“Unprecedented times really do demand unprecedented responses by businesses. It’s an obligation, really, as a business owner to not just protect our employees, but to consider how we can help the community at large,”

says Martin Markiewicz, CEO and co-founder of Silent Eight.

“How can a RegTech help during a global health crisis?  That’s not an easy answer, but we can do our best to make our product more broadly available. We can enable institutions to make the world just a little bit safer right now and in this way help others in their fight against financial crime and terrorist financing,”

says Markiewicz.

Features and benefits of the AI include:

  • Fully customized; learns from your institutional KYC process and experience
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Deployable in as few as 2 weeks
  • No limit on geographies, or hits per alert
  • Covers any type of alert: AM, PEP, Sanctions, Internal

The on-demand AI will be available starting May 4, 2020. The unprecedented commercial structure allows customers to only pay for the alerts solved, without any annual commitment.  For more information on Silent Eight’s on-demand name/entity screening AI visit

About Silent Eight: Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in London, New York, Chicago, and Warsaw, we are a technology company whose mission is to enable financial institutions to fight global crime with the use of our AI. Our name screening solution works with a client’s existing due diligence process to solve every alert and reduce regulatory risk. We are currently used by top tier banks around the world.

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