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News | 2021-04-07
ABN Amro and Rabobank in the Netherlands are Working with Technology that Helps Combat Financial Crime, but Maintains Client Privacy

ABN Amro (AMS:ABN), a Dutch bank with headquarters in Amsterdam, and Rabobank, a Dutch multinational banking and financial services group, are reportedly working with research platform TNO in order to test technology that allows banking institutions to share data that’s used for identifying financial crime while maintaining customers’ privacy.

News | 2021-04-01
Firms that use AI need to understand every part it for regulators to get fully on board, FinCrime experts warn financial institutions

AN EXPERT IN FinCrime compliance has warned that the use of artificial intelligence in AML needs to be backed up by a robust understanding of how it works.

News | 2021-03-22
Cybersecurity: Staying ahead of cybercriminals

As financial institutions push out more digital products focused on speed and convenience, it creates additional points of vulnerability that fraudsters could exploit online. As a result, financial institutions are also expected to stay agile and deploy the latest technologies to protect their customers.

News, People & Culture | 2021-02-24
GlobalFintechSeries Interview with Matthew Leaney, Chief Revenue Officer of Silent Eight

With the increased incidents of online threats and financial crimes, the right protective measures and technologies have to come together to help safeguard users and businesses; Matthew Leaney, Chief Revenue Officer of Silent Eight dives deeper in this chat.

News | 2021-01-29
How Enterprise Tech Startups and Corporates can Collaborate for Innovation
News | 2021-01-29
The Importance of Partnerships and Collaboration in Payments

Although the pandemic created more room for collaborative mindsets to move to centre stage, the evolution of ‘association’ has unified regions and businesses for generations. Organisational partnerships are not a new phenomenon, but much like the UK-JPN EPA, payments companies should recognise that they can strengthen their offering with merged know-how if they want to…

News | 2021-01-26
A New Frontier of Regulation? Asia Takes the Lead

Asia has been home to wave of new initiatives in the RegTech space in recent years, and jurisdictions such as Hong Kong and Singapore are pushing hard to take the lead in the space as they seek to combat financial crime and gain a competitive advantage in the field.

News | 2021-01-23
Silent Eight on Putting Best Practice to Work: A Bottom-up Approach to Fighting Global Financial Crime

Financial crime has risen during the pandemic, with criminal opportunists taking advantage of the unprecedented situation and disruption caused by COVID-19. With the attacks still coming as everyone lives are turned upside down, many are wondering how best to hold back the tide.

News | 2021-01-19
Are search engines the ‘shop window’ for online investment fraud?

Online investment fraud has seen a rapid acceleration since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, and much of society’s most vulnerable people are bearing the brunt.

News | 2021-01-14
These are the Top Fintech Companies in Singapore (2021)

This article showcases our top picks for the best Singapore based Fintech (Financial Technology) companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Fintech (Financial Technology) industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.