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News | 2020-10-02
Why B2B Fintechs Are Ready for Prime Time

Until now, consumer fintech has been all the rage, but recent funding rounds and exits might very well indicate that 2020 will be the year of business-to-business (B2B) fintech, according to Patricia Kemp, co-founder and managing partner at venture growth equity fund Oak HC/FT.

News | 2020-09-25
Dark Money conference is told that anti-money laundering technology is ‘years behind criminals’

Despite widespread advances in anti-money laundering technology, experts doubt whether it will ever be able to match the capacity of criminals. There is even a belief that technology may only ever be as good as five to ten years behind what criminals can achieve at any point, a conference was told. Matthew Leaney, CRO of SilentEight –…

News | 2020-09-24
Leading Fintech Platforms in Singapore

Financial technology, commonly known as Fintech, is the term used to define emerging technologies aimed at enhancing and automating the provision and usage of financial services. Fintech helps companies, businesses and customers in managing their financial processes and operations better through the use of specialized computer and smartphone software and algorithms. In the 21st century, when Fintech…

News | 2020-09-22
The Top 25 Women Leaders in Financial Technology of 2020

The Financial Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Women Leaders in Financial Technology of 2020. In uncertain economic times and as the demand for financial technology increases, these women have stepped up to the plate to aid the companies they serve in producing innovative, secure, and user-friendly solutions for businesses and individuals…

News | 2020-09-07
Banks work with fintechs to counter “deepfake” fraud
News | 2020-07-17
Fintech Friday: Silent Eight

Martin Markiewicz, CEO of Silent Eight, discussed his company’s origins and top global clients with Efma’s Boris Plantier. What led to the creation of Silent Eight? Silent Eight was founded by a team of engineers and data scientists who are passionate about combating money laundering and terrorist financing to make the world a safer place.  In…

News | 2020-06-12
We will see global champions coming out of Southeast Asia, Wavemaker Partners’ Paul Santos says

In the second episode of Venture Matters TV discussed deep tech startups, the importance of Singapore for the ecosystem, and “zero to one” moments. “Nothing galvanizes like success.” Paul Santos knows what he’s talking about. His firm Wavemaker Partners sold four companies in the past year, creating about USD 400 million in enterprise value. “We…

News | 2020-05-31
SG-based Silent Eight Launches On-Demand AI that solves KYC alerts to support firms during COVID

Singapore – MAS announced in late April the establishment of an accelerator grant to enable growth in the sector and promote digital innovation in smaller Financial Institutions and Fintechs. The accelerator program supports the adoption of digital tools and system upgrades that facilitate business continuity by offering subsidies of up to 80% for Fintechs and FIs…

News | 2020-05-29
COVID-related financial crime nears two million global cases, but AI could help

As the pandemic first spread across the globe, it left behind a trail of financial trauma, enticing financial and cyber criminals to crawl out of the woodwork to capitalize on the damage. According to financial insight provider Refinitiv, the number of global cases of financial crime have risen to 1,880,591 as of the end of…

News | 2020-05-29
Silent Eight Uses AI to Fight Financial Crime

COVID-19 continues to spread in Singapore with now more than 30,400 confirmed cases and over 20 deaths, according to the latest data from the John Hopkins University. Though the numbers continue to rise, with 614 new cases of COVID-19 infection being unveiled just on May 22, the government is planning to further ease restrictions starting next month. On the economic front,…