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Clear space to breathe

Clear space is the space between the logo and everything else. It is critical to respect this space in order to present the logo clearly and achieve the intended visual impact.

Clear space

Clear space should be at least equal to the height of the words SILENT EIGHT. Refer to the explanatory image. Absolutely nothing should intrude upon this clear space – no text and no graphics.

Clear space for small formats

When working with very small formats, the clear space still needs to be respected. The minimum amount of free space in this case (and only in this case) is equal to half the height of the words SILENT EIGHT.


The colors of our logo are an essential element of our corporate identity and may not be altered.
Always use the correct file for print or for screen display.

RGB 255 54 87
Hex #ff3657
CMYK 0 100 55 0
RGB 51 51 51
Hex #333333
CMYK 0 0 0 100

How to use logo on

Light background: use the logo in its original / basic form

Dark background: use the logo with white lettering.

Colored background of a single solid color: use the completely white logo. However, we strongly advise against this type of presentation unless absolutely necessary.

Logo to be presented in a single color: use an all-black logo

Logo don’ts

Do not use the graphic part of the logo itself without the words SILENT EIGHT.

Do not use the words “SILENT EIGHT” portion by itself without the graphic part of the logo.

Do not deform or alter the aspect ratios of our logo.

Do not change the font in our logo.

Do not change the colors / color set in our original logo.

Do not use any color other than the specific black when the logo needs to be in a single color.


Ideally, our logo should be placed near the left edge of the page, unless our logo is the main or dominant visual element of the page, then it should be at the center. In either case, the clear space around the logo must be respected.


The following button links to the folder where our logo is available in screen and print formats.
Do not print files intended for screen display!
Download Logo Set
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