Name, Entity and Transaction Alert Solving

A faultless KYC process is non-negotiable. Silent Eight utilizes seamless state of the art linguistic capabilities that work across multiple languages to ensure accurate name identification, regardless of language. Our AI-powered name, entity, and transaction alert adjudication solutions draw from all available sources and analyze petabytes of data to solve Sanctions, AML, PEP, AM, and internal alerts that occur during onboarding, transactions or existing customer investigations.

For each investigated alert, we output a decision supported by a complete narrative or rationale as to why the decision has been made, along with the supporting evidence. All of this is presented in the same manner as your compliance analyst and in your preferred language.

Transaction Monitoring

Currently in limited release with select customers, we are building on the foundation of entity adjudication to release a payment behavioral and anomaly detection AI by the end of 2021.