Adding Value with Artificial Intelligence

We use cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to add value – not just by saving time and money, but also by reducing false positive alerts and making sure that you don’t miss really important signals. This means that analysts will be less preoccupied with wrong alerts and more focused on the alerts that need action, which is exceptionally important in due diligence where failure is not an option.

Client screening

Client Screening

A faultless client due diligence process is non-negotiable. Owing to being powered by Artificial Intelligence, our client screening system can acquire data from all available sources and analyze many petabytes at once, and return fast results when they are most needed. We are not limited by language variations because we utilize state of the art cross-linguistic capabilities that seamlessly and instantly work across multiple languages to ensure accurate identification.

Transaction monitoring

Transaction Monitoring

Precision and efficiency are included as standard with our Transaction Monitoring system, with full Live Transaction Screening capability. Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, our system can identify patterns that legacy systems cannot address, and uses Machine Learning to learn and consistently improve performance with continued use. Our Live Transaction Screening provides analysts with instant smart alerts that are augmented with easy to understand graphical interpretation of the data when enough data exists – leading to time savings and reduced likelihood of missing critical situations.