Leveraging Artificial Intelligence against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Our passion for Artificial Intelligence means we are relentlessly driven to revolutionize the science of due diligence. To that end, we have invented a groundbreaking system with Artificial Intelligence at its heart, powering through with Machine Learning. Our system has proven so effective, we are working with a number of larger banks and financial institutions to give them a powerful tool to combat Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.

Increasing effectiveness

We help banks realize monetizable improvements in their due diligence process by moving forward from costly and inefficient legacy system that lack learning capability and are limited to rules-based programming to our cutting edge Artificial Intelligence powered system that can analyze many petabytes of data and present intelligible results in a human-friendly formula. Savings in terms of work hours are achieved by reducing the number of false alerts that analysts have to deal with. Just as important, our clients are always confident that they not missing critical alerts that signify real financial crimes – the kind of alerts that nobody can afford to miss.