Solving, not Scoring

Our technology is based on Artificial Intelligence, which means it can solve problems that simple rules-based solutions cannot. A key differentiator? Rules-based systems are bound by the foundation rules they were created with; Artificial Intelligence solutions are not. Rules are static, but an AI becomes smarter and more effective with time. AI learns the why of solving alerts, not just the how.

Multidimensional Scan

Our systems scan multiple data sources (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured) in variable formats, including online news articles, and databases from reputable sources. Petabytes of data can be simultaneously digested, and potential relationships are identified and visualized, and, when sufficient data exists, solutions are deduced. This happens instantly, allowing compliance analysts to stay focused on results, and not on the process.

Entity Resolution

We live in a highly connected world, where people and capital move freely. As part of the critical burden of due diligence, the responsibility to correctly identify individuals from all over the world falls on Financial Institutions. We use advanced multilingual identification that bypasses language barriers to make that process smoother and easier. This capability is used in combination with a full analysis of other data to confirm a person’s identity with a high degree of certainty.

Endless Learning

By using Machine Learning, our software learns from the user. The acquired knowledge helps solve future alerts. Analysts spend less time on repetitive tasks and institutions are secure in knowing that the same methodology is applied globally, with a clear audit trail.

Total Integration

We understand how challenging it is to bring major change to your due diligence process. We make it easier with a solution that is designed to integrate with any of your current platforms (tech stacks, core systems) and draw from existing data sources (such as watchlists, screening engines, case management system). It’s designed to maximize productivity right out of the box. The end result is frictionless and fast implementation and deployment.

Intelligent Alerts with Solutions

For compliance analysts, making better decisions in a rapid manner is an inherent advantage. For each solved alert, we output a decision with a complete write-up of all the supporting evidence and reasoning in your preferred language. Combined with built-in Machine Learning, this guarantees increasing economies of scale and efficiencies over time.