Eliminating Stress and Increasing Productivity

Our technologies are based on Artificial Intelligence. This allows us to solve problems that simple rules-based programming cannot address, because rules-based programs are limited to the set of rules that they were created with (foundation rules), while Artificial Intelligence based solutions can learn new rules on top of the foundation rules – so they become smarter and more effective with time.

Multidimensional scan

Multidimensional Scan

Our systems scan all kinds of data sources (structured, semi-structured and unstructured) in variable formats, including local and remote online news articles and databases from reputable sources. Several petabytes of data are simultaneously digested and intelligent algorithms are applied to identify and visualize potential relationships and to deduce solutions when sufficient data exists. This happens instantly and without additional human involvement, which allows analysts to keep their focus on results instead of being distracted by the process.

Universal identification

Universal Identification

We live in a highly connected world, with people and capital movement being the norm. Therefore, in the practice of due diligence, the need to correctly identify individuals from various parts of the world is critical. We use advanced multilingual identification that is not limited by language barriers regardless of the user’s own language. This multilingual identification capability is used in combination with full analysis of other available data (such as dates and places) to confirm a person’s identity with a high degree of certainty and to correctly match names to their actual owners.

Endless acquirement

Endless Acquirement

By using Machine Learning, our software can learn with the user and from the user as long as it is running. Acquired knowledge can help solve more alerts in the future, so analysts spend less time dealing with repetitive alerts.

Total integration

Total Integration

We understand how challenging it can be to bring about major changes to your due diligence process. Therefore, we designed our systems so they can be integrated with existing platforms and utilize existing data sources, and we can adapt our systems to various user interfaces to maximize user productivity straight out of the box!

Intelligent alerts

Intelligent Alerts with Solutions

For due diligence analysts, making better decisions faster is a direct, monetizable advantage. We achieve this by generating alerts with smart packages of information that contain a range of relevant possibilities, suggested solutions and graphical analysis of connections – to help analysts instantly visualize and understand the alerts and therefore make faster, better decisions. This is combined with the built-in Machine Learning capability that ensures improved speed and precision over time for maximum added value and future compatibility.