Our Passion for Fighting Financial Crime Defines Us

We are passionate about making the world a safer place. This drives who we are and is at the core of everything we do.

Silent Eight was born out of a desire to help solve a global problem: the human cost of financial crime. Today’s stakes are high, with the number of victims of human trafficking, terrorist financing, and money laundering rising. Meanwhile, bad actors continue to be savvy and creative in their endeavors to slip through the net. It is our goal to provide a technology solution that prevents them from engaging in the global economy and profiting off of those most vulnerable.
We are proud to support our clients in their continued diligence to make the world safer.

Martin Markiewicz
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Wilkowski
Michael Wilkowski
Chief Technology Officer
Julia Markiewicz
Julia Markiewicz
Chief Operating Officer

Our founders are expert programmers, mathematicians, and due diligence consultants. They saw a challenge and decided to take it head-on. The challenge was: create a solution that would fully optimize the most time-consuming part of a bank’s due diligence process, a process that draws from many data sources and separate user interfaces, and costs the institutions’ valuable time and human resources.
We invented, tested, and successfully implemented an Artificial Intelligence based solution. And, since then, many Tier 1 banks and financial institutions have partnered with us to create expertly customized versions to fit their unique needs, with outstanding results.